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Good Seats Still Available

Dec 21, 2020

We bid an emphatic good riddance to a crappy 2020 with our second-annual holiday roundtable spectacular featuring the return of fellow defunct sports enthusiasts Andy Crossley (Fun While It Lasted & Episode 2); Paul Reeths (, & Episode 46); and Steve Holroyd (Episodes 92, 109, 149 & 188) – for a spirited roundtable discussion about the past, present and potential future of “forgotten” pro sports teams and leagues.

It's a look back at some of the year’s most notable events, including:

  • COVID-19's wrath across the entirety of pro sports; 
  • The mid-season implosion of the reincarnated XFL;

  • Premier League Lacrosse's absorption of 20-year-old Major League Lacrosse;

  • New names for the NFL's Washington and Raiders franchises; AND

  • Major League Baseball’s RSVP approach to contracting the minors.

Plus, some predictions on what might transpire in 2021, as:

  • Major League Cricket gears up for launch;
  • The Rock cooks up a resuscitation recipe for the XFL;
  • Cleveland's baseball club ponders a new nickname - and the others likely to follow;

  • Adidas unevenly tries to cash in on NHL retro jerseys;

  • Soccer expansion in Louisville (NWSL), Austin (MLS) and NISA; AND

  • We continue to search for anyone with updates about Mark Cuban’s Professional Futsal League!

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