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Good Seats Still Available

Dec 13, 2021

We try to make sense of a decidedly bipolar 2021 with our third-annual Holiday Roundtable Spectacular - featuring three of our favorite fellow defunct sports enthusiasts Paul Reeths (, & Episode 46); Andy Crossley (Fun While It Lasted & Episode 2); and Steve Holroyd (Episodes 92, 109, 149 & 188).

Join us as we discuss the past, present and potential "futures" of defunct and otherwise forgotten pro sports teams and leagues - starting with a look back at some of the year’s most notable events, including:

  • COVID-19's continued wrath across the entirety of pro sports;

  • Cleveland says goodbye Indians - and hello Guardians;

  • The dubious reincarnation of the USFL;

  • Relocation threats from MLB's Oakland Athletics, the NHL's Phoenix Coyotes, and half a season's worth of the Tampa Bay Rays;

  • NWHL women's hockey reorg/rebrand to Premier Hockey Federation;

  • NPF women's softball suspends operations after 17 years; AND

  • The passing of challenger league pioneer Dennis Murphy.

Plus, we say goodbye to ESPN Classic!