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Nov 3, 2022

There are few moments in sports more thrilling, compelling, or inspiring than a comeback story.  From the resurgence of a sports figure to a team that defies the odds for an unexpected win, to someone who never quite made it, finally getting their shot, these stories are the lifeblood of sports.

Nobody knows this more than former NFL star linebacker, Ryan Shazier who scratched and clawed his way back from paralysis after a devastating on-field hit, to walk back on a football field just a few years later under his own power. It’s the stuff movies are made of -- and now it’s the stuff "Don’t Call It A Comeback" will
bring you each week.

"Don’t Call It A Comeback" will spotlight the biggest sports comeback story of the week and dive deep into every aspect of what makes each tale more incredible than the last. 

Hosted by Ryan Shazier and his pal, TV writer, radio personality, and sports superfan, Dave Dameshek, "Don’t Call It A Comeback" will shout out the underdogs, Cinderellas, unlikely heroes, and surprising achievements all across the sports landscape -- and explore the highs, lows and hurdles each subject faced on their triumphant comeback journey.

Listen to "Don’t Call It A Comeback" now wherever you pod!