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Good Seats Still Available

May 9, 2022

We revisit the endlessly fascinating World Football League - and its enigmatic founder/first commissioner Gary Davidson - with senior writer Ryan Hockensmith ("The Renegade Who Took On the NFL [And the NBA and the NHL]").
Drawing on recent interviews with Davidson, former NFL defectors Larry Csonka & Paul Warfield, and previous podcast guests Howard Baldwin & Upton Bell, Hockensmith delves into some of the more memorable (and a few of the truly unbelievable) historical moments in the WFL's brief mid-1970s existence - all one-and-a-half seasons of it.
The tales are tall, but the history is real - and Hockensmith makes it seem as fresh and vivid as the original events themselves nearly 50 years after its flashy debut and quickly spectacular flameout.