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Good Seats Still Available

Aug 28, 2023

While the NCAA is still the predominant pipeline for rookie basketball talent looking to break into pro hoops, the 2023 NBA Draft showed just how far legitimate alternate pathways have come - especially for eager high school players unwilling (or unable) to go the traditional college route.

Three of this year's...

Aug 21, 2023

Domestically, American football has never been more popular (or prosperous) than it is today - yet questions continue to circle among the ownership class of the NFL as to how the pro game can continue to grow outside the confines of its current 32-team franchise structure.  

While the feasibility of pursuing more club...

Aug 14, 2023

[We round out our last week of summer vacation with a re-release of this listener-favorite episode from June 2019 - enjoy!]

Author and former SPORT magazine writer David Levine (Life on the Rim: A Year in the Continental Basketball Association) joins the ‘cast to give us our first taste of the quirky minor league...

Aug 7, 2023

[A summer vacation re-release of a fan favorite episode from March 2019!]

We celebrate our second anniversary with the intriguing background story of the original Major Indoor Soccer League, with the man who started it all – Ed Tepper. 

A commercial real estate developer by trade, Tepper actually got his start in...